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Hakase-Sun (aka: ハカセ・サン, real full name unknown; March 22, 1967) is a Japanese reggae keyboardist known for his membership in rock group Fishmans when he joined in 1990. Aside from his career with the band, Hakase also has a lively solo career, having released over ten solo albums since 2001. Hakase's full name is publicly unknown, and he has gone by Hakase or Hakase-sun for his entire performing career.

Hakase played alongside Fishmans as a primary member, touring and recording with the group until after the release of their first live album Oh! Mountain in 1995. Before his work in Fishmans, however, Hakase was known to participate in band Mustang A.K.A., a group which featured on Captain Records compilation Panic Paradise alongside Fishmans. Hakase penned multiple songs for Fishmans, the most notable being なんてったの, however a vast majority of his own compositions were released under his solo career, beginning only after Fishmans' active years ended. Hakase also contributed to the Bonobos EP Golden Days. He continues to compose new music to this day, occasionally appearing on other projects as well.

Solo albums[]

  • Plays Boyz-Toyz Reggay! (2001, Nowgomix)
  • Do Re Me Rockers♪ (2002, Nowgomix)
  • Shanty Reggae Music (2004, Nowgomix)
  • Adult Oriented Reggae (2005, Nowgomix)
  • Le Ciel Bleu (2007, Nowgomix)
  • 人のセックスを笑うな (2008, Nowgomix)
  • Please Sunrise The Best Of HAKASE-SUN 2001-2008 (2008, Nowgomix)
  • 南国タキシード (2009, Nowgomix)
  • Reggae Spoonful (2013, Nowgomix)
  • A Little Bit Of Slumber (2014, Swing Easy)
  • 幻想とリディムの旅 (2016, Nat)