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Yuzuru Kashiwabara (born 柏原譲; December 20, 1968) is a Japanese bassist born in Japan most famous for his work in dub/rock group Fishmans where he played a primary role. Kashiwabara is also known for his membership in bands Polaris and So Many Tears, as well as generally floating from project to project as support bassist.

Kashi was most interested in dub/reggae music as he grew older, taking a liking to Jamaican reggae in particular as he learned bass guitar. Kashi would join Fishmans in 1988 after previous bassist Hisamatsu departed from the group after one year of service, presumably after meeting band members in Meiji Gakuin University. He would play exclusively in Fishmans through to 1998, serving as a primary, founding member, until he decided to leave the band out of disinterest with the music industry late that year. His last concert with the group was supposed to be December 28, 1998 at Akasaka BLITZ, and it was for a short time, but Kashi would rejoin the group for future performances after band leader Shinji Sato's passing in 1999. He would also create Japanese rock group Polaris in 2000 with Yusuke Oya (from LaB LIFe), a band that carries a very similar dream pop/dub sound to Fishmans' later career. He would also create the Japanese downtempo group Otouta in 2007 with Kotaro Maruyama and Bondo Tsuji, as well as 2011's So Many Tears alongside Kin-Ichi Motegi and Takashi Kato. Kashi is also a member of Fishmans tribute collective Fishmans+. Today, he serves as an essential support member in modern Fishmans performances, appearing at every performance since Sato's passing.


  • Kashiwabara is most often seen with one of his iconic baseball caps on. His most famous is a white hat which reads "Family | Ford, Mercury | Carlisle, PA" across its front.